Kent's Platform


Education is one of my top priorities. You can be assured that your voice will be heard in Annapolis because I will fight for the future of Prince George's County School System.

First, I will fight for a fully elected school board.  I truly believe it is the right of the people to choose their representatives.  

Secondly, the Governor is taking General Fund money out of Education in order to fill gaps in the budget. I will legislate to ensure all casino money that is sent to the Education Trust Fund will be used in addition to the Governor's proposed budgetary funds.  

I am sure you will agree that education should always be a top priority.


In the DC area, Prince George's County ranks number one for the longest commute to work. We spend an average of 36.5 minutes each morning in traffic, which equals to 13 days each year when evenings are taken into consideration. (WTOP)  I am a proponent of investing in our infrastructure.  Until we start to invest in our roads, bridges, and mass transportation we will continue to lose business to cities that are easily accessible. 

I will fight for continued investment and expansion of the 495 beltway, Route 5, and Route 210 which would allow for a quicker commute to and from work.  I also will fight for expansion of the Metro rail system to extend from the Branch Avenue corridor to Charles County.

Economic Development

The development and growth of local businesses in Prince George's County are important to me.  Therefore, I will propose legislation that will mandate at least 40% of Prince George's County School Board and Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission contracts are awarded to minority owned businesses.